The Origins of Clifton Newall Hall

In 1965/1966 the International Wool Secretariat of Australia decided to build its main research facility in Ilkley, West Yorkshire with all the laboratory and pilot plant equipment needed to assist in research and developments for promoting Australian wool.  The very large building site required a site office to facilitate this operation and this office was procured and erected as  our village hall.

Bill Spence, a joiner and builder from Clifton,  was working on the research facility in Ilkley and he deposited £20 to secure the building - at that time, a weeks wages!!  In due course, Bill and his son, Paul, supervised the erection of the building.  Funds were raised by the villagers of Newall with Clifton by years of whist-drives, bring and buy events and cake stalls. A very big thank you to those people.  Today, we are still using the original office, although it is constantly being updated. The hall has recently been refurbished.